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What is Baby Protect

Concern: Health of Women and Children in India.
GOI's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) as part of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) institutes ASHA workers(Accredited Social Health Activist ) who are trained to act as a connect between the rural public and the public health system. One of their tasks include to remind pregnant women about their upcoming test or vaccinations and also the mothers about the upcoming immunization dates for their children.
However it often happens that ASHA worker may not be able to perform her duty effectively. And, in the process the health of the rural public suffers. Baby protect Seva+’s goal is to help in this mission with the use of modern day technology and communication facilities which have very well penetrated the rural areas of India and with significant help from the NGOs who work in this domain.

About Baby Protect Seva+

An NGO management portal for rural India.
Baby Protect Seva + is a service to be used by Non Governmental Organizations who work mainly for the rural public, more so in the health domain. The NGOs can use it to:
  1. Unicast SMS/voice based vaccination reminders to each individual family under their administration
  2. Multicast SMS/voice based general purpose information to a selected interest group located in the NGO’s administration area.
Baby Protect Seva + will play an essential role in rural places where the people are not aware of pre-natal and post-natal health services and solely rely on the community workers(such as ASHA worker) for reminding about vaccination/tests and escorting the women and children to health centers. These community workers can often escape their duties. Hence an automatic system such as Baby Protect Seva + will be very helpful. Moreover, in rural places ,where notifications about daily matters such as weather reports, crop sale, health camps etc are important can be multicast to the group of people with the help of this software.

Primary Features
  1. Manage Database
    1. New Asha Worker
    2. Add - Update - Edit - Remove Family
  2. Unicast Settings
  3. Multicast
  4. Last Multicast

Primary Features provided by Baby Protect Seva + :

Manage Database :
First and foremost , the NGO needs to provide the details about the families and the ASHA workers which come under their area. These details will be used by our system to schedule and unicast health reminders to the relevant families and multicast notifications to a selected interest group. This will come under ‘Manage Database’. The user representing the NGO will also be able to view, update and delete from the database as and when required.
This feature enables the NGO operator to:
  1. ON/OFF the reminders
  2. Way of reminding : SMS/VOICE
  3. Set the days before to send the voice/sms
  4. Time of the day when to send the reminder
Once these settings are set and the data has been uploaded, our system will automatically schedule and send reminders to the relevant public on their phone.
In rural areas, there are several notifications which are pertinent to the lives of the rural people such as medical camps, sale of crops ,weather information etc. Baby Protect Seva + provides the facility of selecting the group of people on the basis of their age group, occupation, gender, village and pregnancy status and multicasting them relevant information on their phone either through SMS or voice.